Cotton Candy Mermaid Tail

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Shine bright with your Cotton Candy Mermaid Tail. Tailored to fit you snug for hours of swimming and mermaid fun. Glide through the water with your performance mermaid fin. Order Your Tail Today!

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Cotton Candy Mermaid Tail

The Cotton Candy mermaid tail is made to be the loveliest, available today! Our swimmable mermaid tails allows for smooth swimming. Printed design with natural look. We use professional machines with high elastic thread to deliver a high quality product. Comfort is key with our tails, and you will feel the magical moments in the water with our mermaid fins. What are you waiting for? Get your mermaid tail and start swimming!

Our most famous Cotton Candy mermaid tail ever. Durable water-proof fabric with stretch ability. Perfect for exercise and play. The Cotton Candy mermaid tail has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Buy your tail today!

We pride ourselves in producing some of the finest fabric mermaid tails available. KN mermaid tails are built to swim. Our fabric is perfect for swimming pools, beaches and lakes. KN mermaid tails makes mermaids tails for kids, teens and adults that are easy to put on and take off. Cleaning is very simple. Just simply wash your mermaid tail with cool fresh water and leave to line dry.

An instant Classic! Excellent colors of the Cotton Candy mermaid tail are the backdrop to sparkling metallic water stripes. Durable water-proof fabric. Perfect for swimming, exercise and play. Customize yours today!

Fun for Teens & Adults Too

We have a mermaid tail in different sizes select one which fit for you. With KN Mermaid tails, we provide the feel of swimming like a fish and allow easy diving into that beautiful water. In all seriousness, “mermaiding” (the act of swimming like a mermaid) happens to be amazing exercise. Imagine a non-impact, fun way to work your abs and core…That’s right! Mermaiding!

We love talking about all things mermaid, so chat with our EXPERT online or give us a call if you have any questions: 504-473-3744.


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